Questions Kids Ask

Questions Kids Ask About God

How old is God? What does God's handwriting look like? Why did God make mosquitoes suck my blood?

The kids at Peace Lutheran Church, New Lenox, Illinois, have asked so many great questions that they have inspired a clever new book - "Questions Kids Ask About God."

A team of five church members compiled these questions along with the theology-based responses of their pastor, Rev. Dave Hedlin. Together they created QKA Publishing Co.

This new book features related scriptural references, providing a simple way to introduce the Bible to young audiences. Bold, fun illustrations will further capture your imagination.

"Questions Kids Ask About God" is an enjoyable way for parents and children to share time together and explore the mysteries of faith.

Pastor Dave says, "Asking questions as kids encourages us to keep right on asking as adults. Our desire is to help people see that asking questions is a sign of a living, vital faith."